13 May 2008


Use of this Site:
This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. By using the site, you agree that the site is for entertainment purposes only and agree not to hold Colorado Thompson Industries, Inc. liable for any of the recommendations. Recommendations are as is only and do not constitute any endorsement beyond the type of casual recommendation one might receive from a distant cousin.

• Scooter Says does not accept compensation of any kind, monetary or otherwise for placement in our recommendation bubbles. Nor will any ever be accepted. Any unsolicited materials will be donated to suitable charities, so there is no advantage
to submitting any.

• However, we do accept free samples of products to recommend. If you think yours is the best, and you're not in a location we can easily check out (the Denver metro area), then please feel free to send us one free sample. Please do not expect, however, that your product will be featured as the best. Sorry, but that's the way it goes. Likewise, if you have a website or blog to be featured, please email us a URL and description [that's important, no description, automatic deletion and no consideration, if you don't have the time to write a description, we don't have time to look at your site].

• Send URLs for sites and blogs to scooter_@_saysscooter.com. (remove underscores)
• Send samples for consideration to Scooter @ Scooter Says.com, Free Sample Review, 3100 Huron St. 3R, Denver, CO 80202. Please include the following information with your free sample...

Your Company Name:


Phone Number:

website URL:
(if you have one and if you don't you should get one right away)
contact email address:
(if we feature you at the Best of the Best, we will email you!)

This part must be signed from someone important in your company (copy and paste this We _______________________ (the company) are submitting a free sample of this product ______________________________ name of product for evaluation as the Best of the Best according to Scooter Says.com. We understand that our product may or may not ever be featured on Best of the Best according to Scooter Says.com. We understand that the product cannot and will not be returned. If our product is featured, we will receive and email indicating it as such. We understand that being featured as the Best of the Best is a featuring, and not a permanent placement. In other words, if our product is featured as the Best of the Best according to Scooter Says.com, it could be replaced until tomorrow. We understand that we can use the "featured on Scooter Says.com" bubble logo on our site for as long as we want to insofar as the link remains active and will not alter the link in any way imposing any additional code or malware etc. We understand that if our product is never featured and not selected, it will not be returned to us. Moreover, we agree to the stipulation that we can never hold Colorado Thompson Industries, Inc. parent company of Scooter Says.com liable in any way for not mentioning our product at all. We send our product for consideration of free will and sound mind. We will not ship it C.O.D. as no C.O.D. packages will be accepted. In addition, we agree and acknowledge that we have not offered any form of compensation along with our product and will execute a sworn affidavit to that effect if asked for one at any time in the future at our own expense.

(name of executive or designate here)

(title of executive or designate here)

Signature of executive or designate:


(name of witness here)

Signature of Witness:


Suggestions & Comments:
• When Scooter Says accepts suggestions from fans and users they are accepted as is and stated as such. Again, the same disclaimers apply as stated above under Use of this Site.
• We receive loads and loads of suggestions and filter them appropriately.
• Comments and suggestions may be posted at our sole and final discretion.
• We do not offer any form of compensation for comments or suggestions. Please offer comments and suggestions knowing that you are contributing to the database of free information in the world only.
• Also, no credit of any kind will be given other than that which may accompany a user who posts a comment or suggestion from a logged in or set account. For example: if Jay from Milwaukee is a registered user and posts a comment as in "Hey, I love XXX Brand cookies from Ripon, Wisconsin!" The system will record his comment as such. Anonymous comments and suggestions will be accepted and may or may not be posted.
• Under no circumstances will any comments or suggestions be posted which are hateful, derogatory, demeaning, or "ist" (sex, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, heritage, national, international, etc.) be published or accepted onto Scooter Says. If you find a comment that misses our screens to fall into this category, please let us know for removal at our earliest convenience.
• Please do not bother to post negative stuff. This site is about the Best. If you don't agree that something is the best, instead of saying, "That's not the best, this is!" Just say, "I think Blah Blah is the best." [Be sure to say why…give a series of 'because' statements and make sure that none of them reference any other product, person, place, or service. For example, you may not say, I think Blah Blah is better because they use more cheese than Bleh Bleh. Just say, "They use tons and tons of fresh cheese, and the more cheese the better." Hey, if enough people agree, maybe Scooter Says will be convinced to change your suggestion to the best. Probably the only time that won't fly is when Scooter actually believes, based on infinite wisdom and first-hand knowledge, that something mentioned is absolutely the best. These will be shown in brick red text instead of black. Then, since it's his site, he gets the final word on that! So, don't even try to persuade him that a certain Pizza in Chicago isn't the best. You won't win out, but you can always try to persuade with very positively persuasive comments, maybe, probably not, at least not on that one.
Important Note: From time to time, comments for a particular category may be deleted or consolidated as in 25 people said XXX is the best YYY in ZZZ, they might all be collapsed into one comment that says "25 people posted from 1 Jan 2008 – 15 May 2008 that XXX is the best YYY in ZZZ." This saves the next 25 people from having to read through all 25 posts to get the basic idea.
• If you arrive at the missing category page, don't get mad. Just propose a category or a place. As Scooter Says continues to grow, the architecture of the pull downs will expand to continue to make it easy to use. Hey if you are the first one, don't be mad either when Scooter Says doesn't instantly accept your recommendation. It takes a few people, at the very least, to get something recommended.

Funding for the Site and Advertisements:
Funding for Scooter Says comes entirely from advertisements and advertisement links placed on the site that are keyed using advanced technology to the information on the pages. Clicking on ads on the site is at the users sole discretion. None of these ads are a part of the Scooter Says recommendations realm and appear as part of a separate and unrelated service. In other words, ads that may appear, do so without our individual knowledge. We are neutral as to the sites and content (in other words, we are Sweden). We do not filter or screen them. Please only click ads that are of interest to you.

Links to Other Sites
• If you are the owner of a site to which Scooter Says links, and you do not want to be linked, please email us (scooter_@_saysscooter.com -- remove underscores) and let us know. We don't need to know why. We'll think you're crazy but we will respect your decision.

• We do not, except in the advertising areas, accept compensation for links.

• However, we do appreciate reciprocal links. If you are proud of our link to you and you want to link back, which is always a nice thing to do, we have code here for you to use that places our little "Recommended by Scooter Says" bubble on your site. Please feel free to use this code to link your site back to ours.
: PLEASE do NOT use this code if it isn't true and we haven't linked to your site. It is our trademarked logo. Thanks!

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Privacy Statement:
Ok, so here's the scoop on privacy. You can read a lot of long documents drafted by word-smith lawyers who get paid by the hour if not by the word. The simply statement is this:

(a) We do not intentionally collect private information from our visitors.
(b) Even if we did, which we do not, we wouldn't share it with anyone for any reason.
(c) We do, however, collect aggregate data from our visitors such as how many visitors come, which pages they view, what links they click. We do so to improve our site on a constant basis. We do employ various services to monitor this information. If any of these services collects personal information from our users, we are not aware of it. We feel satisfied with the user agreements and privacy policies of these services that they are not collecting information on our users that is out of the bounds of our own very simple privacy policy. However, if it is ever found that either…
• any of the traffic monitoring services we use,
• any of the advertising services we use,
• any of the web site hosting / blog delivery services we use to run our site,
• or any other third party that has anything to do with our site,
is using any software stated in their agreements or otherwise that collects personal data of any kind and is found to be misusing any personal data of our visitors, we accept no responsibility of any kind for their misuse. In agreeing to use our site for any reason, you agree to absolve us (meaning Colorado Thompson Industries, Inc. and any and all employees, owners, or workers otherwise) of any culpability for this perceived or actual misuse. In other words, if someone else is collecting stuff with or without our knowledge and is believed to have misused the data or has misused the data, you agree not to hold us liable in any way for that breach. To be fair, if this were brought to our attention by a visitor, we would immediately disable their service's interaction with ours, but we could not be held accountable for it. If you don't like this policy, please do not use our site. We apologize if that sounds too frank, but it's what we have to say to protect ourselves from the nefarious people out there trying to get personal info and data about people for marketing purposes and otherwise. If everyone would just play nice, this wouldn't be necessary.

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