13 May 2008

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Links to Other Sites
• If you are the owner of a site to which Scooter Says links, and you do not want to be linked, please email us (scooter_@_saysscooter.com -- remove underscores) and let us know. We don't need to know why. We'll think you're crazy but we will respect your decision.

• We do not, except in the advertising areas, accept compensation for links.

• However, we do appreciate reciprocal links. If you are proud of our link to you and you want to link back, which is always a nice thing to do, we have code here for you to use that places our little "Recommended by Scooter Says" bubble on your site. Please feel free to use this code to link your site back to ours.
: PLEASE do NOT use this code if it isn't true and we haven't linked to your site. It is our trademarked logo. Thanks!

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