13 May 2008


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• Scooter Says does not accept compensation of any kind, monetary or otherwise for placement in our recommendation bubbles. Nor will any ever be accepted. Any unsolicited materials will be donated to suitable charities, so there is no advantage
to submitting any.

• However, we do accept free samples of products to recommend. If you think yours is the best, and you're not in a location we can easily check out (the Denver metro area), then please feel free to send us one free sample. Please do not expect, however, that your product will be featured as the best. Sorry, but that's the way it goes. Likewise, if you have a website or blog to be featured, please email us a URL and description [that's important, no description, automatic deletion and no consideration, if you don't have the time to write a description, we don't have time to look at your site].

• Send URLs for sites and blogs to scooter_@_saysscooter.com. (remove underscores)
• Send samples for consideration to Scooter @ Scooter Says.com, Free Sample Review, 3100 Huron St. 3R, Denver, CO 80202. Please include the following information with your free sample...

Your Company Name:


Phone Number:

website URL:
(if you have one and if you don't you should get one right away)
contact email address:
(if we feature you at the Best of the Best, we will email you!)

This part must be signed from someone important in your company and included in the package with your product.

We _______________________ (the company) are submitting a free sample of this product ______________________________ (name of product) for evaluation as the Best of the Best according to Scooter Says.com. We understand that our product may or may not ever be featured on Best of the Best according to Scooter Says.com. We understand that the product cannot and will not be returned. If our product is featured, we will receive and email as our only indication. We understand that being featured as the Best of the Best is a featuring and not a permanent placement. In other words, if our product is featured as the Best of the Best according to Scooter Says.com, it could be replaced 5 minutes later. We understand that we can use the "featured on Scooter Says.com" bubble logo on our site for as long as we want to insofar as the link remains active and we will not alter the link in any way imposing any additional code or malware etc. We understand that if our product is never featured and not selected, it will not be returned to us (as stated above). Moreover, we agree to the stipulation that we can never hold Colorado Thompson Industries, Inc. parent company of Scooter Says.com liable in any way for not mentioning our product at all or for anything else for that matter. We send our product for consideration of free will and sound mind. We will not ship it C.O.D. as no C.O.D. packages will be accepted. In addition, we agree and acknowledge that we have not offered any form of compensation along with our product and will execute a sworn affidavit to that effect if asked for one at any time in the future at our own expense.

(name of executive or designate here)

(title of executive or designate here)

Signature of executive or designate:


(name of witness here)

Signature of Witness:


[Note: For products of values more than $500. If you would choose to have us evaluate your product which has a retail value in excess of $500 in US currency, please contact us to make arrangements to test your product. For example, if you think you have the best plasma screen tv, and you don't want to give us a sample for testing, we totally understand. So, please contact us to arrange a test. This is only valid on items with retail values in excess of $500 cash.

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