13 May 2008

Privacy Statement

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Ok, so here's the scoop on privacy. You can read a lot of long documents drafted by word-smith lawyers who get paid by the hour if not by the word. The simply statement is this:

(a) We do not intentionally collect private information from our visitors.
(b) Even if we did, which we do not, we wouldn't share it with anyone for any reason.
(c) We do, however, collect aggregate data from our visitors such as how many visitors come, which pages they view, what links they click. We do so to improve our site on a constant basis. We do employ various services to monitor this information. If any of these services collects personal information from our users, we are not aware of it. We feel satisfied with the user agreements and privacy policies of these services that they are not collecting information on our users that is out of the bounds of our own very simple privacy policy. However, if it is ever found that either…
• any of the traffic monitoring services we use,
• any of the advertising services we use,
• any of the web site hosting / blog delivery services we use to run our site,
• or any other third party that has anything to do with our site,
is using any software stated in their agreements or otherwise that collects personal data of any kind and is found to be misusing any personal data of our visitors, we accept no responsibility of any kind for their misuse. In agreeing to use our site for any reason, you agree to absolve us (meaning Colorado Thompson Industries, Inc. and any and all employees, owners, or workers otherwise) of any culpability for this perceived or actual misuse. In other words, if someone else is collecting stuff with or without our knowledge and is believed to have misused the data or has misused the data, you agree not to hold us liable in any way for that breach. To be fair, if this were brought to our attention by a visitor, we would immediately disable their service's interaction with ours, but we could not be held accountable for it. If you don't like this policy, please do not use our site. We apologize if that sounds too frank, but it's what we have to say to protect ourselves from the nefarious people out there trying to get personal info and data about people for marketing purposes and otherwise. If everyone would just play nice, this wouldn't be necessary.

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