13 May 2008

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This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. By using the site, you agree that the site is for entertainment purposes only and agree not to hold Colorado Thompson Industries, Inc. liable for any of the recommendations. Recommendations are as is only and do not constitute any endorsement beyond the type of casual recommendation one might receive from a distant cousin. If you have a problem with a brand, product, service, etc. that is stated as being "the best" feel free to post your comments according to the guidelines for such under Comments and Suggestions.

Likewise, and this is very important. Scooter Says will make "best" claims based on feedback from users as indicated in the bubble as being "recommended by users of the site". Feedback is the only way to improve the site and the recommendations. This is a huge world, and this site is opinion-based. By using the site you agree not to hold anyone affiliated with the site liable for any issues legal or otherwise that come about due to your acceptance of any information on the site. You use the site as is, period. If you have direct issues with any product, service, or site mentioned on this site, your point of grievance should be with the company itself.



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